SK15 Widely Use Quartz Halogen Infrared Heater Lamp All Kinds Heating

SK15 Widely use quartz halogen infrared heater lamp all kinds heating Admin Edit

Min. Order: 20 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: Paypal, T/T, WU, Money Gram
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air
Production Capacity: 5000pcs
Packing: wooden box
Delivery Date: after payment 8days or...
model: YUDIR018D Voltage: 235V
Watts: 2000w Total length: 375
Color Temp: 2500 Holder: SK15 type
Life: 5000hours Certification: CE, RoHS,ISO,UL
Outer diameter: 10-20mm Temperature of filament: 1800℃-2400℃


YUD ITEMS2Part codeWatts (W)Volts (V)TypelengthlengthlengthLengthTerminalColor Temp(K)TubeBurnig  positionAve. LifeOrdering Code

OAL (mm)FL (mm)CL (mm)WL (mm)

YUD-SW200JHS 230V 300W 60 RsH1-P300220-240Rs(117,6)114,2±1,660±5--2450ClearHorizontal50005JHS001
YUD-SW201JHS 230V 300W 60 IH1300220-240I-120112±160±5--2450ClearHorizontal50004JHS039
YUD-SW202JHC 240V 300W 165 BfH300230-240Bf226 ± 2-165±5220±10Fork2400ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC187
YUD-SW203JHS 235V 500W 165 BfH500230-240Bf226 ± 2-165±5220±10Fork2500ClearHorizontal50004JHS229
YUD-SW204JHC 235V 500W 165 BfH1500230-240Bf226 ± 2-165±5200±10Fork2500ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC072
YUD-SW205JHS 240V 700W 150 BfH1700230-240Bf210 ± 2-150±5230±10Splice2620ClearHorizontal50004JHS045
YUD-SW206JHC 240V 700W 150 BfH1700230-240Bf210 ± 2-150±5230±10Splice2620ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC150
YUD-SW207JHC 235V 1000W 272 BfH1000230-240Bf352 ± 2-272±5220±10Fork2400ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC068
YUD-SW208JHC 235V 1000W 272 BfU1000230-240Bf352 ± 2-272±5200±10Fork2400ReflectorUniversal50004JHC050
YUD-SW209JHS 235V 1000W 272 JU1000230-240J-370±10272±5--2400ClearUniversal50004JHS056
YUD-SW210JHC 235V 1000W 272 JH1000230-240J-370±10272±5--2400ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC008
YUD-SW211JHC 235V 1000W 272 IH1000230-240I-354346±1272±5--2650ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC048
YUD-SW212JHC 400V 1000W 272 IU1000400I-354346±1272±5--2550ReflectorUniversal50004JHC069
YUD-SW213JHC 144V 1200W 155 JcH1200144Jc219 ± 3-155±5160±10Fork2700ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC073
YUD-SW214JHC 144V 1200W 155 BfH1200144Bf225 ± 2-155±5150±10Fork2700ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC045
YUD-SW215JHC 235V 1200W 155 BfH11200230-240Bf225 ± 2-155±5150±10Fork2700ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC043
YUD-SW216JHC 240V 1200W 406 BfH1200230-240Bf499 ± 2-406±5230±10Splice2400ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC107
YUD-SW217JHC 240V 1200W 406 BfU1200230-240Bf499 ± 2-406±5230±10Splice2400ReflectorUniversal50004JHC111
YUD-SW218JHS 235V 1500W 280 BfH11500230-240Bf352 ± 2-280±5300±10Splice2400ClearHorizontal50004JHS173
YUD-SW219JHC 235V 1500W 280 BfH1500230-240Bf350 ± 1,2-280±5230±10Faston2400ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC081
YUD-SW220JHS 235V 1500W 385 RsH1500230-240Rs-446444±1,5385±5--2400ClearHorizontal50004JHS237
YUD-SW221JHC 144V 1600W 155 JcH1600230-240Jc219 ± 3-155±5160±10Fork2700ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC028
YUD-SW222JHC 144V 1600W 155 BfH1600230-240Bf225 ± 2-155±5150±10Fork2700ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC046
YUD-SW223JHC 235V 1600W 155 BfH11600144Bf225 ± 2-155±5150±10Fork2700ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC053
YUD-SW224JHC 240V 1600W 406 BfH11600144Bf485 ± 2-406±5200±10Fork2500ReflectorHorizontal5000EM-805
YUD-SW225JHC 235V 2000W 280 BfH2000230-240Bf353 ± 2-280±5230±10Splice2400ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC005
YUD-SW226JHC 235V 2000W 280 BfH22000230-240Bf353 ± 2-280±5210±10Fork2400ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC254
YUD-SW227JHC 235V 2000W 280 BfU2000230-240Bf352 ± 2-280±5200±10Fork2400ReflectorUniversal50004JHC051
YUD-SW228JHC 235V 2000W 280 BfU42000230-240Bf353 ± 2-280±5230±10Splice2400ReflectorUniversal50004JHC104
YUD-SW229JHS 235V 2000W 280 BfU12000230-240Bf353 ± 2-280±5230±10Splice2400ClearUniversal50004JHS141
YUD-SW230JHS 235V 2000W 280 JU2000230-240J-370±10280±5--2400ClearUniversal50004JHS031
YUD-SW231JHC 235V 2000W 280 JU2000230-240J-370±10280±5--2425ReflectorUniversal50004JHC042
YUD-SW232JHS 235V 2000W 280 TU32000230-240T350 max.-280±5120±5Ring2400ClearUniversal50004JHS061
YUD-SW233JHS 400V 2000W 280 BfU12000400Bf354 ± 2-280±5300±10Splice2350ClearUniversal50004JHS232
YUD-SW234JHS 400V 2000W 280 JU2000400J-370±10280±5--2400ClearUniversal5000EM-65
YUD-SW235JHC 400V 2000W 280 IU2000400I-354346±1280±5--2700ReflectorUniversal50004JHC123
YUD-SW236JHC 235V 2000W 410 JH2000230-240J-508±10410±5--2400ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC247
YUD-SW237JHS 235V 2000W 410 JH2000230-240J-508±10410±5--2400ClearHorizontal50004JHS085
YUD-SW238JHC 400V 2000W 410 BfU2000400Bf490 ± 2-410±5230±10Splice2400ReflectorUniversal50004JHC061
YUD-SW239JHC 400V 2000W 410 JU2000400J-508±10410±5--2400ReflectorUniversal50004JHC218
YUD-SW240JHC 400V 2000W 410 JH2000400J-508±10410±5--2400ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC071
YUD-SW241JHS 400V 2000W 410 JU2000400J-508±10410±5--2400ClearUniversal50004JHS032
YUD-SW242JHC 230V 2000W 500 BfH2000230-240Bf650 ± 2-500±5500±10Splice2400ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC041
YUD-SW243JHC 235V 2000W 700 BfH2000230-240Bf787 ± 2-500±5500±10Splice2240ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC189
YUD-SW244JHS 235V 2200W 280 BfU12200230-240Bf350±2-280±5150±5Splice2450ClearUniversal50004JHS037
YUD-SW245JHS 235V 2200W 280 TU22200230-240T345±1,5-280±5145±5Ring2300ClearUniversal50004JHS234
YUD-SW246JHC 235V 2500W 280 BfH32500230-240Bf353±2-280 ± 5210±10Fork2700ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC027
YUD-SW247JHC 235V 2500W 280 BfU2500230-240Bf352±2-280 ± 5200±10Fork2700ReflectorUniversal50004JHC259
YUD-SW248JHC 400V 2500W 280 BH2500400B355±2-280 ± 5210±10Fork2700ReflectorHorizontal50005JHC039
YUD-SW249JHC 400V 2500W 315 BH2500400B378±2-315 ± 5230±10Splice2500ReflectorHorizontal50005JHC001
YUD-SW250JHS 480V 2500W 635 JcH2500400Jc723±3-635 ± 5150±10Splice2500ClearHorizontal5000EM-818
YUD-SW251JHC 235V 3000W 280 BfU3000230 - 240Bf352±2-280±5210±10Fork2700ReflectorUniversal5000EM-522
YUD-SW252*JHS 235V 3000W 280 JU3000230 - 240J-370±10280±5--2200ClearUniversal50004JHS060
YUD-SW253JHC 235V 3000W 280 JU3000230 - 240J-370±10280±5--2500ReflectorUniversal50004JHC194
YUD-SW254*JHS 235V 3000W 280 TU13000230 - 240T350 max.-280±5120±5Splice2200ClearUniversal50004JHS062
YUD-SW255JHC 400V 3000W 280 BH3000400B355±2-280±5210±10Fork2700ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC040
YUD-SW256JHS 400V 3000W 280 IU3000400I-354346 ± 1280±5--2600ClearUniversal5000EM-1055
YUD-SW257JHC 400V 3000W 280 IU3000400I-354346 ± 1280±5--2600ReflectorUniversal50004JHC165
YUD-SW258JHS 400V 3000W 280 JU3000400J-370 ± 10280±5--2600ClearUniversal50004JHS053
YUD-SW259JHS 400V 3000W 280 TU13000400T350 max.-280±5120±10Ring2550ClearUniversal50004JHS059
YUD-SW260JHC 400V 3000W 315 BH3000400B378±2-315±5230±5Splice2550ReflectorHorizontal50005JHC002
YUD-SW261JHS 400V 3000W 410 JU3000400J-508 ± 10410±5--2400ClearUniversal50004JHS072
YUD-SW262JHC 235V 3000W 700 BfH23000230 - 240Bf787,5±2-700±5500±10Splice2300ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC038
YUD-SW263JHC 400V 3000W 700 BfH13000400Bf784±2-700±5200±10Fork2350ReflectorHorizontal50004JHC142
YUD-SW264JHS 400V 3000W 700 IU3000400I-779771 ± 1700±5--2400ClearUniversal50004JHS142
YUD-SW265JHC 400V 3000W 700 IU3000400I-779771 ± 1700±5--2350ReflectorUniversal50004JHC149
YUD-SW266JHS 400V 3000W 700 JU3000400J-798 ± 10700±5--2400ClearUniversal50004JHS049
YUD-SW267JHC 400V 3000W 700 JU3000400J-798 ± 10700±5--2400ReflectorUniversal50004JHC085
YUD-SW268JHC 400V 4000W 700 IU4000400I-782774 ± 1700±5--2425ReflectorUniversal5000EM-1158
YUD-SW269JHC 400V 4000W 700 BfH4000400Bf787,5±2-700±5150±10Ring2400ReflectorHorizontal5000RZ-197
YUD-SW270JHS 400V 4600W 236 THJHS 480V4600400T303 max.-236±5155±5Splice3000ClearHorizontal10004JHS075
YUD-SW271JHS 480V 6000W 245 TH6000480T298 max.-245±541±3Ring3050ClearHorizontal10004JHS220
YUD-SW272JHS 480V 6000W 290 TH16000480T350 max.-290±535±5Ring3025ClearHorizontal10004JHS226
YUD-SW273JHC 400V 6000W 1000 BfH16000480Bf1125±2-1000±5500±10Stripped2700ReflectorHorizontal10004JHC168

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The advantages of the heat lamp
1.Long-term use of far-infrared radiation performance does not degenerate
2. Operating temperature ≤ 800 ℃; service life ≥ 5000 hours
3. Low cost, easy installation, environmental protection, no pollution
4. Voltage (100V-240V), power (200W-1500W), shape and size can be customized according to customer requirements
5.High operating temperature, wide selection range. Which with ceramic cap package type, the maximum temperature of 800 ℃

Voltage (v) 24~500v 
Power (w) 150 ~ 3000 Power error (%) +5 ~ -10
Length (mm) 180 ~ 3800 Length error (mm) ± 2
Diameter ф (mm) 10,11,12,14,18,20, diameter error (mm) ± 0.05
Electro-thermal conversion efficiency (%) ≥ 95% Maximum operating temperature (℃) ≤600
Electric - thermal radiation conversion efficiency ≥ 70% maximum heat temperature (℃) ≤ 900
Normal full emissivity (%) ≥ 88% Infrared wavelength (μm) 2.0 ~ 10
Color temperature (k) 800 ~ 1500 Average service life (h) 6000
Resistant to hot and cold sudden change 1.2 times the voltage, forced or room temperature cooling 21 cycles without exception.
 Leakage current (mA) 1.36 times the voltage ≤ 0.5mA


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